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8 Week Wellbeing Workshop

8 Week experiential course (through art, visualisation and journaling)

  • Started 19 Oct 2021
  • 120 euros
  • Online

Service Description

Most of us are conditioned to think that we must be 'doing' to feel worthy. ‘Doing’ from a place of worry, anxiety, overwhelm or tiredness is not going to lead to a better life. It will only create negative habits. To take time out is our responsibility towards ourselves and people around us. When we feel good, we have more energy and are more positive which enables us to be better mothers, fathers, teachers, colleagues, leaders etc. The way we show up in the world has a ripple effect towards people around us. I am inviting you to allow yourself time and space to reconnect with your inner self. This workshop offers a non-judgemental and self-compassionate environment where you will be invited to actively train your mind to let go of the thoughts (not by dismissing or rejecting them) and start to develop an ability to make mindful choices in every-day life. This workshop is an extended and more in depth version of my introductory 4 week ‘Wellbeing workshop’. It will be facilitated live over Zoom for a duration of 8 weeks. We will meet weekly for a 1.5 hr session. In each session we will focus on a different concept and engage in an experiential exercise (through art, visualisation or journaling). You don’t have to have any experience with any of these tools. Aspects that we will cover during this workshop are: 1. Self-reflection 2. Self-compassion 3. Self-awareness 4. Values 5. Boundaries 6. Triggers 7. Acceptance 8. Bringing it all together WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? - anyone that would like to be more grounded and less reactive in their life - anyone that feels overwhelmed and overthinks - anyone that struggles with uncertainty - anyone that would like to live more fulfilled and joyful life HOW WILL THIS WORKSHOP SUPPORT YOU? It will support you by encouraging the cultivation of non-judgemental, moment to moment awareness both during the practice and in everyday life. These workshops facilitate space for expression, connection and reflection. You will be invited to participate in the practice of noticing your thoughts, emotions and actions, allowing them to be present, then shifting attention to your body and the space around you – anchoring yourself in the present moment. Practicing this process will empower you to respond to your triggers in more workable and favourable way and in that gain control over your life. Please allocate quiet and uninterrupted space for this.

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