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About Art Therapy

Art therapy Galway
art therapy galway
What is Art Therapy

Art Therapy is gentle yet powerful form of psychotherapy that integrates art making process and image exploration with verbal psychotherapeutic process.

While it is usually used as a treatment to improve someone's emotional state or mental well-being, it can also be  used to relieve stress and tension, or as a mode of self-discovery.

You don't have to be good at art or have any art experience to benefit from art therapy.

It is suitable for adults and children.

Art Therapy can promote emotional, developmental and cognitive growth in children. It is also becoming an important tool for assessment, communication and treatment of children and adults alike.

Art therapists hold masters degree and are trained to pick up on non-verbal symbols and metaphors that are often expressed through art and the creative process, concepts that are usually difficult to express with words. It is through this process that the individual really begins to see the effects of art therapy and the discoveries that can be made.

Who is it for

Art therapy has been successfully used for many years with wide range of client needs. Some of the areas include:

- Work with children and young people

- Work with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, bereavement, PTSD etc.

- Work with the people with learning difficulties

- Other areas include palliative care, work with offending behaviour, addiction, dementia etc.

- Anyone seeking development of self awareness and personal development

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