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Art therapy Galway
art therapy galway
Why Art Therapy for Children

Art therapy can help to explore and resolve issues that can develop into bigger and more serious problems later on in life. It can improve learning, develop cognitive, motor and social skills and improve self awareness and confidence.

It offers an opportunity to work with behaviour, attitudes and feelings that may be disrupting access to the curriculum for the student or others around them.

Creativity and play is a natural way for children and young people to make sense of their world and offers a safe, non-judgemental and focused way to express complicated feelings or events that can be difficult to put into words alone. Children/adolescents can communicate through metaphors and representations,
taking the pressure or fear away from direct discussions and emotional language.

How Does it Work

The therapist creates a safe environment through a warm and accepting relationship. The child/adolescent is invited to create and through that relax and express themselves through the creative process and often also verbally.
Nothing is expected of the child/adolescent. The therapist’s undivided attention, empathetic listening and reflective techniques support the child/adolescent in using his/her own resources to manage and resolve their own problems. Through this practice children and adolescents develop healthier behaviour and better coping skills.

I Work With Children and Families Affected by

- emotional, behavioural or social difficulties
- communication difficulties
- anxiety, low self esteem, stress or
- learning difficulties or a physical disability
- difficult life events or relationships

I Offer

- One to one short and long term therapy for children and young   people.
- Therapeutic groups: Groups may be for children and young people who have been affected by specific experiences such as
bullying, divorce, domestic violence or behavioural problems

- Groups focused on building confidence and social skills

New children's art therapy group focused on building confidence and social skills starts in January 2020 on Wednesdays from 3:15 - 4:15

For more information and to book contact me on 086 384 7411

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