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Groups and Workshops

art therapy galway
Short Term Art Therapy Groups

Working with groups as a part of their recovery program.

Long Term Art Therapy Groups

Working with groups for a period of 6 weeks or longer.

These groups can be organised by theme and suited to the needs of participants. Example for these kinds of group are: Carer's support groups, Mindfulness and Art therapy groups, Women's Art therapy groups and so on...

Creative Personal Development

This unique personal development workshop is designed to help you recognise your subconscious limiting beliefs and habits and develop more awareness. When you become more aware, you gain power to control your life rather than let your life control you. Through the use of meditation, visualisation and the creative process you will engage both left and right side of your brain and discover what’s holding you back, develop your strengths, abilities and develop your coping skills.
As you embrace this process you will start to see positive changes in your life.

This is an experiential workshop. During these 6 weeks your will be meditating, image making, reflecting and growing.
We will meet once per week for 2 hour session. You will be encouraged to meditate and continue some exercises daily between the weekly sessions.

Women's Art Therapy group starting soon

This group is an opportunity to participate in a safe,confidential, non-judgemental and creative space where you are invited to take time and explore your path to personal growth.

This group has been proven to provide much needed space for expression, reflection and support. No art experience needed.  If you are interested or need more information please call me on 086384 7411 or e-mail

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