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What People Have Said

art therapy Galway

I am deeply grateful for all my clients.

Thank you for your kind comments!

Thank you  for all the work you've done with Fionn. We could see a huge change in him after just a few weeks. 

He has become more accepting of different situations, relaxed and content within himself. 

He really enjoyed his time with you and his creative side has been awakened!!

All in all there has been a huge positive turnaround  in him which is fantastic to see.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have spoken at length with Tusla, the school and CAMHS of the benefits of this fantastic service and hopefully more parents will avail of it. 

Fionna C.L.

It's the first time that I've found a self development course so engrossing and feels like it's a good fit for me.

4 Week Wellbeing Workshop Participant

Thank you Kate it was a wonderful experience and I hope to take part again sometime. I really learned a lot about myself during this process.

4 Week Wellbeing Workshop Participant

Kate thanks so much for your fabulous art therapy course. I really enjoyed the art. I enjoyed the course so much that I looked forward to the course each week. There was great variety and the art, meditation, journalling reflection was so helpful. I would highly recommend your course to anyone.

8 Week Wellbeing Workshop Participant

Thank you Kate for the wonderful opportunity, Your kindness and guidance was so supportive. It re-introduced me back to Art which I love and gave me confidence to pick up a brush again. I would highly recommend this course.

8 Week Wellbeing Workshop Participant

Thank you. The workshops were facilitated really well and a real effort was made to connect in with people

8 Week Wellbeing Workshop Participant

I have really enjoyed the courses and benefitted a lot. In todays modern world it is a most welcome and supportive space.

Creative Personal Development Participant

Fabulous, comfortable workshops. you ensured that we all understood the process.

Creative Personal Development Participant

I had the pleasure of attending an online wellbeing workshop with Galway Creative Arts therapy this January 2021. It was a lovely warm inviting atmosphere on Zoom.

We explored the connection between the body and what it creates.

Don’t worry, you do not need any art experience.

For example, in one exercise, I closed my eyes and drew self compassion under guidance. It was fascinating to hear and compare experiences in the group.

I felt I could tap into the body’s needs more, and listen to its ease and disease.

I would never have the opportunity, or thought of doing a workshop like this, but it has been an enriching experience.

M.C. Participated in the Wellbeing Workshop

I just want to say that at all times the process felt very gentle and non-judgmental. Kate came across as a very kind and loving person who is genuinely interested in the emotional wellbeing of others. I think Kate is very good at guiding a positive group dynamic, ensuring that everyone who wants to share is heard. Thank you for a truly enjoyable experience.

T.M. Participated in the Wellbeing Workshop


Being very recently bereaved in March this year, I tried some counselling, but I found the most helpful thing so far was a workshop with Kate O’Sullivan ‘Creative Journey Through Grief’.  I found Kate calm and reassuring, the theories on grief she had put together resonated with me, and made me understand the turmoil better. Also the art exercises helped me to see where I am stuck at the moment ( ie. unable to look to the future) , fears of more huge obstacles etc. I also found the meditation of breathing white light into the body very calming also . And I found the fact of not needing to talk about my specific situation helpful too, to be facilitated in moving through the grief is far less stressful . I would advise anyone in the same situation to try this approach with Kate. 


Our experience with Kate was so positive. She created a safe space of unconditional positive regard that allowed my daughter the freedom to explore and express herself. She loved the weekly sessions and is keen to go back for more. The sessions were a real gift for her emotional development. Kate has a wonderful, warm, kind, patient and respectful approach. She is intuitive , perceptive , and positive.


I really enjoyed the retreat with Galway Creative Arts Therapy I attended few months ago. It was in a beautiful location in Connemara. Kate is creative, intuitive and skilled facilitator who gently and mindfully guides you through the journey of reconnecting with the nature and self. Highly recommend!


I have just completed Breaking the Habit Workshop with Kate and the rest of the group. It was my first time on Zoom and I must say it worked out brilliantly.  The tools we were given (eg meditation, free expression art exercises, grounding, journaling) and the positive guidance from Kate will stay with us. We have all the info kept on videos that Kate sent us so we can dip into it at any time. The brilliant part of Zoom was that we could sit back and take everything in without leaving the house! No pressure to talk unless we wanted to. Very relaxing.  Thumbs up


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