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Creative Journey Through Grief


Grief is an enormous wave and with time gets smaller but it stil comes at you. (D&K Clifford)

In this workshop we are going to look at Dual process and Continuing bonds models and explore grief through journaling, art therapy and interactive small group work.

The first part of the workshop is an overview of the two newer grief theories that may give person going through grief sense of relief that they are not alone in the way they are feeling/being. The second part is expressive art exercise followed by journaling that may help express and process difficult and confusing emotions.

The workshop is 1.5 hr long and facilitated on Zoom

Date: 19th. May

Time: 12:00 - 13:30 pm

The limited time offer for this online course is €20

If you are interested please fill the form below and I will contact you with details. Thank you

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